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What is Luces Academy?

Mid's LUCES Academy offers a variety of courses taught in an alternative delivery method to ensure all students are ready to meet the literacy standards required for success in college.

LUCES Student

The SIOP (Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol) course delivery method is used by instructors of LUCES courses to help students navigate barriers to college such as college readiness, academic language, and other external factors.

SIOP-trained instructors work with teams across the College to improve student placement, retention, and completion rates while ensuring students meet the course learning objectives.

LUCES courses are best suited for students who may experience challenges with typical instructional methods, such as the lecture and listen method. Students who don't speak English as their first language, are returning to college after some time away from the classroom, or students who struggled in high school are those who benefit most from LUCES courses, although all students can register for and benefit from the instructional methods used in LUCES courses.

To learn more about LUCES courses and how they can help you achieve your goals, contact your Mid Mentor.

LUCES Faculty Approved Pathways

Frequently Asked Questions

On the schedule the course will have the letter “L” next to the number.

Example: ENG.111.M14L

Yes. LUCES courses have the same course objectives as non-LUCES courses, and count toward graduation. Transfer equivalencies depend on individual institutions.

Students enrolled in LUCES courses participate in a customized orientation the first week of the semester to prepare them for LUCES coursework.

No, the learning objectives for LUCES and non-LUCES courses are the same, it is the delivery method that differs.

Yes, Learning and Understanding Content to Empower Success.

Instructors who teach LUCES courses have received special training to teach this delivery method. Many of these instructors also teach non-LUCES courses.

Your Mid Mentor may suggest you enroll in a LUCES course, if

  • English is not your first language.
  • you are returning to college-level coursework.
  • you are transitioning from high school to college coursework.
  • an alternative course delivery method would suit your learning style.

A number of seats in each LUCES course are reserved for students who are placed in the course by their Mid Mentor. Any student can register for the remaining seats.


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