Types of Aid & Applying

First, Fill out your FAFSA.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the first step in the financial aid process.

This application can be submitted online or by mailing a paper FAFSA directly to the federal processor. Mid's School Code for the FAFSA is 006768.

Adult learners face unique opportunities and challenges in their quest to obtain a postsecondary education. Check out the tip sheets below that are designed to help adult learners with questions they may have about enrolling in school. We're here to help! Please feel free to contact the Financial Aid Office for assistance.

Tip Sheet for Adult Learners

WHAT IS Verification?

Once a student’s financial aid has been completely processed they may charge their tuition, fees and books against eligible financial aid. Some types of federal and state financial aid funds are limited. Mid students who apply by April 1st will be given priority when those funds are offered by Mid. Students selected for verification may be required to submit documents to the Financial Aid Office at Mid.

For those students, Mid must compare the information from the FAFSA to the applicable tax forms and other required documents. Financial aid will not be offered until all required documents are provided. If it is determined that additional documents are required, financial aid previously offered may be cancelled. Falsification of income information submitted for the purpose of receiving financial assistance will result in cancellation of all future assistance and repayment of all previously offered financial aid. If federal and/or state funds are involved, the appropriate government agencies will be notified including the U.S. Department of Education, Michigan Higher Education Assistance Authority, and/or the Office of Inspector General.

Additional Information

Work-Study Options

This employment program provides jobs for students with financial need to help meet college expenses. Various positions are available at the Mt. Pleasant and Harrison campuses as well as off-campus locations. There are several opportunities available such as clerical, custodial, food service, computer services, book store, and library. You will receive an email notifying you of your eligibility once your application has been reviewed. An approved application does not guarantee a job and employment is dependent upon the availability of positions.

To be eligible each year you must:

If you are hired for a work study position:

  • Funds are earned on a bi-weekly basis
  • Funds cannot be used to charge tuition, fees, or books

Click here for more information about Student Employment

Transfer Students

Transferring to Mid

Financial aid awards DO NOT automatically transfer between schools. You can only receive financial aid at one school per semester.

There are two ways to add Mid's school code to your FAFSA:

1. Go to your FAFSA and make a correction. Add Mid's school code of 006768 to your list of schools.

2. Or, call 1.800.433.3243 and request that Mid's school code be added to your list of schools. You will need your Data Release Number (DRN) which is located on the bottom left corner of your Student Aid Report (SAR).

You may be selected for verification after adding Mid to your FAFSA. This may require submitting additional documents such as tax forms to our financial aid office and can add additional processing time.

Note: Guest students are not eligible for financial aid.

Regarding Student Loans when Transferring:

Student loans DO NOT transfer from one school to another. In addition to filing the FAFSA, you may apply for any remaining federal student loan amounts you are eligible for on our loans page. Any loan funds you received this school year at other schools will be calculated into your maximum allowance. Maximum loan amounts per school year are as follows:

  • Dependent Freshmen (under 24 credits) $5500/year
  • Dependent Sophomores (over 24 credits) $6500/year
  • Independent Freshman (under 24 credits) $9500/year
  • Independent Sophomore (over 24 credits) $10500/year

Veteran Educational Benefits

Mid would like to thank all of our armed forces for their commitment and sacrifices. We are dedicated to providing outstanding services to help veterans, service members, or eligible family members of disabled veterans achieve their academic and personal goals.

The Office of Financial Aid is the certifying office for Mid and is available to assist with any questions regarding VA Educational Benefits.

Visit Mid’s Veteran Services Pages for more information.

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