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General LLS Questions

The open hours of LLS vary depending on the service. Visit Library & Learning Services for complete information on hours for all services.

To log into Moodle, simply visit myMid. Once there, click on Moodle in the 'Favorite Links' section. It will then ask you to log into your Moodle account.

Stop by the LLS for one-on-one assistance.

Learning Services refers to a group of services designed to help students achieve academic success. These services include the Math LabTesting CenterTutoringSI Services,  the Writing & Reading Center, and more.

LLS has two locations, one on each main campus. On the Harrison Campus visit us in Room 128, and in Mt. Pleasant we're mainly located in CLAB 168.

Library Services

Hours vary each semester and posted outside LLS locations and on the website.

Yes. Generally, both locations are open Monday through Friday 8am - 4:30pm during semester breaks. Alternate hours will be posted.

There is a fax machine located in the Library on the Harrison Campus. The cost for student use is $3.00 for the first page and $1.00 for each subsequent page.

There is a laminator located in the Library on the Harrison Campus. The cost is $0.40 per foot of lamination with a $1.00 minimum.

Both LLS locations are open for public use.

Call the Circulation Desk for immediate questions and concerns at (989) 386-6618.

We love to hear feedback and suggestions. There is a suggestion box located in the Library on the Harrison Campus. However, feel free to contact us individually with any comments or concerns.

Finding Items

Go to Find Books. You can then search our collection by title, author, or subject keyword. Any book that is located on campus will be marked with a red asterisk. Simply note the call number then locate the item on our shelves or ask a Library employee for assistance.

A call number is the alpha-numeric code used to catalog, store, and locate library materials. The first two lines indicate the subject and location of a book in the collection. The next line indicates the last name of the author. Books are sorted alphabetically first, then numerically.

In the Harrison Campus Library the books are located on the main floor of the Library. On the Mt. Pleasant Campus, all library books are in CLAB 168.

After locating a book in the virtual catalog, look in the Copy/Holding Information section at the bottom of the screen. Any materials housed on the Mt. Pleasant Campus will say Mt. Pleasant under Location.

Check Out

Books can be checked out for four weeks at a time. Student instructional videos can be checked out for 48 hours. Laptops can be checked out for 48 hours.

Yes, most materials can be renewed. Simply call or visit either location to have your items renewed. InterLibrary Loan materials cannot be renewed.

You will be sent a first notice when items are delinquent. There is a five day grace period. After this period you will be charged $5.00 per item. There is no grace period for laptops. If you fail to return a laptop on time, you will be charged $20.00 for each hour, or any portion thereof, leading to a maximum $100.00 overdue fine. Your deposit will not be refunded.

You will be expected to pay the cost of replacement. For books the charge is $45.00 plus the $5.00 late fee. For laptops the charge is $1629.00 plus accrued late fees.

You can check out five (5) items at one time.

DVDs and Videos

Instructional DVDs and VHS tapes are for faculty use only and cannot be checked out to students under any circumstances. Such AV material is available to be viewed on campus at either the Mt. Pleasant or the Harrison location. Call (989) 386-6618 for more information.

There is a collection of student instructional videos and DVDs that can be checked out by students for a 48 hour period. Call (989) 386-6618 for more information.


Yes, there are laptops available for checkout at both the Harrison and Mt. Pleasant locations. They are available for 48-hour periods. The only exception is if you were to check out a laptop on Thursday or Friday; the laptop would be due the following Monday since the College is not open over weekends.

Laptops must be returned by 4pm. Laptops can be renewed once per checkout. There is a 24-hour waiting period between laptop rentals.

A $10 deposit is required to check out a laptop. However, if you fail to return the laptop on time you will be charged a $20.00 late fee for each hour, or any portion thereof, leading to a maximum $100 fine. If you fail to return the laptop in the condition it was lent to you, or if you do not return the laptop at all you will be charged a replacement fee of $1629.00 plus any accrued late fees.

Smoking is prohibited while using any library laptop. If the laptop is returned with smoke damage or burns your deposit will not be refunded and you may be charged the cost of replacement.

There are no laptops available for check out at the Doan Center; however, there are some available in LLS on the Mt. Pleasant Campus in CLAB 168.

Mobile HotSpots

Mid Michigan College's LLS may offer mobile HotSpot Internet Access Devices to students based on need. Eligibility is limited. Complete this form to place your request for consideration.

HotSpot Loan Request Application

InterLibrary Loans

There are thousands of books and other items available to you through InterLibrary Loan. Contact LLS for more information.

Your library barcode is the 14-digit number found at the bottom of your Student ID.

The checkout period for InterLibrary Loan items is dependent on the owning library. The Charles A. Amble Library has no control over when an InterLibrary Loan item is due. You will be informed of the due date when you pick your item(s) up.

InterLibrary Loan items cannot be renewed.

You will be sent a first notice when items are delinquent. There is a five day grace period. After this period you will be charged $5 per item in addition to the lending library's late fee.


Depending on the time of your request, the item will arrive within five to seven days. Remember to notify a LLS team member if you wish to pick up your item at the Mt. Pleasant Reference Desk. Items are sent to the Harrison Campus by default.

Occasionally it will take longer than expected for items to arrive. This generally occurs with high-demand items. You can check the status of your account by logging into either ValCat or MelCat. Feel free to contact the Circulation Desk with any questions (989) 386-6618.

All InterLibrary Loan items are shipped to the Harrison Campus. Simply contact a LLS team member if you would like to pick up your InterLibrary Loan items at the Mt. Pleasant Campus.

You can request any number of items, but you can only check out five items at a time.

Student ID Cards

You can stop by either location, the Charles A. Amble Library on the Harrison Campus or the LLS on the Mt. Pleasant Campus, to request a Student ID.

You are required to provide proof of registration and a photo ID in order to receive a Student ID from Mid.

Simply stop by either location and request a Nursing ID. Please be aware which specific ID type you will need.

Yes you can get a new one. There will be a $5 charge for replacement IDs.

Your Student ID card is your Library Card.

Having a Student ID helps with printing, it is a necessity for checking out materials and InterLibrary Loans, and you will need it for academic research involving our electronic databases. You need a valid Student ID to return any books purchased at the Bookstore or to gain access to the Student Center.


Yes. Contact Corey Goethe, Director of Library & Learning Services, at (989) 386-6622 Ext. 288.

Academic Articles

Log on to our online Electronic Databases to gain access to thousands of academic articles. Simply choose On Campus or Off Campus, depending on your location, to begin searching.

Call (989) 386-6618 or (989) 773-6622 ext 240 for more information.

Each database is equal in merit to the others. All of the databases contain thousands of academic articles for you to use. All of the databases work essentially the same way, through an internal search engine—simply fill out the blank field with a keyword and search. The main differences between them are how to navigate through the articles and the color schemes. We have seven separate databases simply because we wanted to provide as much valuable information as possible to our students.

For specific information, contact the Library at (989) 386-6618.

Your library barcode is the 14-digit number found at the bottom of your Student ID.

Yes. Simply click on appropriate icon and you will be able to print/email or save your articles.

You will need to enter the barcode number on your Student ID to gain access to the databases while off campus. If you have a barcode, but still cannot access the databases, call (989) 386-6618 for further assistance.

Call the Circulation Desk, and they will provide you with a Distance Ed barcode to use.

Testing Center FAQs

It is highly advised that a student makes an appointment to take any test at the LLS Testing Center.

To take a test at the LLS you need to bring picture identification and know your instructor's name.

Also note that some tests have fees. 

It is the student's responsibility to know their instructor's name. LLS staff will not look up an instructor's name on behalf of a student.

Yes, a student ID is required to take tests.

The Testing Centers are located at the two LLS locations: Room 219 on the Harrison Campus and Room 154 on the Mt. Pleasant Campus.

The Testing Center is open during LLS business hours.

Find a full listing of LLS hours.

Tutoring FAQs

Stop into the LLS to fill out a Tutor Request Form.

All tutoring services are free of charge.

For an individual tutor, yes you should schedule an appointment. However, there is walk-in assistance available for English, math, as well as some CIS and science courses.

The LLS provides tutoring for all courses available at Mid, pending tutor availability.

Math Lab FAQs

Yes! The Math Lab offers free drop-in assistance and tutoring, as well as slower paced, one-on-one courses for Math 104!

Visit Math Lab for more information.

The Math Lab assists with any math courses ranging between basic math and calculus.

Math assistance can be provided on a drop-in basis—no appointment is necessary.

No, all Math Lab services are free, except for the Math ABC courses.

The Math Lab offers courses designed to allow you, the student, to learn at a slower, more personal pace. These courses are completed on a one-on-one basis with in the LLS. There are ABC courses available for and for MAT 104 Basic Algebra.


Contact your Mid Mentor if you are interested in registering for any of these courses.

Math Labs are located on both campuses. In the Library (LLS) on the Harrison Campus or in CLAB 180 on the Mt. Pleasant Campus.

Writing & Reading Center

The staff at the WRCs is happy to help you with any questions you may have with papers for any class. Stop in and see us in the Library of the Harrison Campus or in Room 168 on the Mt. Pleasant Campus.

The WRCs are located on both the Mt. Pleasant and Harrison Campuses. Stop and see us in the Library of the Harrison Campus or in CLAB 168 on the Mt. Pleasant Campus.

The WRCs are open Monday through Thursday, though hours vary by day.

Visit Writing & Reading Center for more information.

We have many qualified consultants on staff to help you specifically with your ENG 110 and ENG 111 portfolios.

Yes! A few times during the semester the WRC holds "Pizza and..." sessions where you bring in your papers and we bring the pizza. The idea is to provide a comfortable, stress-free environment so we can exchange ideas and suggestions about problematizing and your portfolio papers.

We are happy to help with any paper you have, no matter what course it is for.

Yeah, we love to help! Our consultants are here to discuss any reading or writing concerns you may have, in person or online.

We do have a couple trained consultants available to meet with you for ESL concerns. Contact us for their availability.

All WRC services are free of charge!

Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Supplemental Instruction (SI), is a program where peer tutors called SI Leaders host study sessions for students in designated “historically difficult” classes.

SI Leaders are students who have previously taken the course and done well. The SI Leader attends the course, lab, and also hosts group study sessions for students.

At each study session, the SI leader will support students in learning course concepts. SI leaders will help students make good use of their time and share the strategies they used to be successful in the course. The SI Leaders work collaboratively with students to discuss readings, compare notes, share study skills, and prepare for exams. The sessions focus on how to learn the material along with what to learn.

Students who attend SI sessions earn better grades and are less likely to drop the course than students who do not attend sessions. SI sessions also help students develop study skills/strategies that will help them in other courses as well.

SI Leaders are assigned to many introductory-level science courses at Mid. Once the semester begins, check the SI Schedule. Schedules are posted online and outside science labs and classrooms. Additionally, during the first week of courses, the SI Leader will make a short presentation to the course about SI. Regular announcements and/or postings will be made to remind students about sessions as well.

Generally once or twice per week (per course).


SI is open to all students enrolled in a specific course. Students from all ability levels attend SI. There is one thing all SI participants have in common—the desire to be a better learner. You can attend as many or as few sessions as you please.

SI sessions are free.

Supplemental Instruction (SI) | FAQs for Faculty and Staff

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an academic support model that uses peer-assisted study sessions to improve student retention and success within targeted historically difficult courses. The SI program provides peer support by having students who succeeded in traditionally difficult academic courses help other students complete these courses. SI is a non-remedial approach that provides regular review sessions outside of class in which students work collaboratively by discussing readings, comparing notes, working together to predict test items, and sharing ideas for improving class material. Out-of-class review sessions are led by “SI leaders,” students who took the class already and did well. SI Leaders help students succeed and dramatically improve student retention.

  • Provide a second set of hands in the lab, assisting students alongside the professor and answering questions.
  • Help enforce lab safety and lecture expectations.
  • Take notes during lectures (to be used in study sessions).
  • Assist during the course as needed.

  • Review course material with students.
  • Create study guides and practice sheets for students to use.
  • Teach specific study skills (note-taking strategies, reading a textbook, ways to study vocabulary etc.).
  • Answer questions and clarify areas of confusion.

As soon as possible—the first week of courses is preferable! The professor and SI will let the students know the time/locations of the sessions as soon as possible. 

SI sessions usually take place once or twice a week.

The International Center for Supplemental Instruction website provides an overview of the program, its underlying theories, and longitudinal statistical data about the program.

We value staff referrals of students who would make strong SI Leaders. We are always looking for reliable, exceptional students with great interpersonal skills to be SIs. We currently have SI Leaders for many introductory-level science courses.