Mid embraces diversity of all kinds, and provides a positive environment for all individuals by consciously making equity and inclusion a priority. We continue to work collaboratively across the campus community to embrace differences and promote respect. The importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion cannot be understated as Mid continues to grow and provide opportunities to more and more people.


Variety and points of difference within a group are the essence of diversity. Within Mid's campus community, diversity includes race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, language, and physical appearance as well as the diversity of thought, values, and perspectives.

Equity is defined as the quality of being fair or impartial. Mid values fair treatment, promotes open access, and provides opportunity and advancement for all people. Barriers impeding opportunity are identified and work is done to eliminate the negative impact on all who participate in learning at the College.

Inclusion is the act of bring included, and more importantly not excluded, from a particular environment. Mid seeks to create a welcoming, respectful, supportive climate that promotes learning and engagement.

Why Does This Matter?

As an educational institution and community resource open to all, Mid understands that each person has value to contribute to the learning experience. By accepting the contributions of each individual with respect, we enrich the learning experience for everyone.

As a community, we must be aware of historical prejudice and social barriers that influence behavior. With awareness, we can overcome these issues and continue to build a culture of collaboration. Through collaboration we discover hidden strengths, new concepts, and become efficient, effective leaders.


Review our Equity & Inclusion-related Policies & Procedures