Definition of a Credit Hour


Credit hours represent the time invested in a course. For each credit hour awarded, Mid requires a minimum of 800 minutes of instruction, or its equivalent, to be delivered to the student. In addition to this instructional time, there are two hours of out-of-classroom work each week for fifteen weeks, or its equivalent that students should invest in their courses.

The following displays a model for listing the minutes per semester a course meets for a given credit.

  • 1 Credit Hour | 825 Instructional Minutes Per Semester
  • 2 Credit Hours | 1,650 Instructional Minutes Per Semester
  • 3 Credit Hours | 2,475 Instructional Minutes Per Semester
  • 4 Credit Hours | 3,300 Instructional Minutes Per Semester
  • 5 Credit Hours | 4,125 Instructional Minutes Per Semester

The College is approved to offer distance education courses and programs by the Higher Learning Commission. Courses delivered in online or web-enhanced formats are identical in credits, outcomes, and objectives to those offered in traditional face-to-face format. Credit hours for labs, clinicals, internships, co-ops, and other similar offerings are awarded on a ratio of contact hours to credit hours ranging from 2:1 to 5:1, depending on how independently the student is working. Courses that run on compressed formats are scheduled in such a way as to ensure the total time needed for the appropriate credit hours is maintained.