Enrollment Management Committee

Monitors all aspects of the recruitment, admissions, and enrollment process. Recommends strategies for increasing enrollment and ensuring an effective enrollment process for students. The ad hoc Retention Committee falls under the Enrollment Management Committee. 


  • Steve Amidon
  • Lucy Andarcia
  • Lacey Anderson
  • Hank Bryan
  • Lillian Frick
  • Sarah Gariglio
  • Amy Goethe
  • Maria Gross
  • Kaitlyn Hawald
  • Sarah Kasabian-Larson
  • Scott Mertes
  • Matt Miller (Chair)
  • Katie Navock
  • Michael Schram
  • Kati Sellers
  • Katie Shear
  • Rick Smith
  • Peter Velguth
  • Jeremiah Wagner
  • Barb Wieszciecinski

Focus 2016-17:

  • Continue to work toward enrollment goals as identified in the previous year and by the STAMATS report
  • Identify new enrollment targets
  • Monitor and evaluate effectiveness of enrollment processes
  • Align credit and non-credit populations for seamless learning
  • Identify and support student momentum Points
  • EMP Implementation
  • Evaluate late registration policies and practices and recommend improvements
  • Monitor and evaluate student progress and retention.
  • Reach out to College alumni with applications.


Meets twice each month with days and times determined by the members.

Documents, Forms, and Meeting Minutes

Committee Documentation [Requires Login]

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