Directors’ Council

Exchanges information for interdepartmental collaboration. Considers and recommends actions related to the administrative functions of the College. 


  • Tammy Alvaro
  • Hank Bryan
  • Susan Call
  • Alexa Carey
  • Martricia Farrell
  • Tony Fox
  • Amy Goethe
  • Corey Goethe
  • Sarah Kasabian-Larson
  • Meghan Keen
  • Kirk Lehr
  • Marilee Kujat
  • Brad Merrill
  • Jillian Moomaw
  • Drew Moomey
  • Joe Myers
  • Katie Navock
  • Michele Reynolds
  • Kati Sellers
  • Kristine Stevens
  • Dawn Tanner (Chair)

Focus 2016-17:
  • Assess the effectiveness of administrative processes for student learning and community connections
  • Develop leadership skills and roles for Council members and their teams
  • Improve interdepartmental cooperation
  • Improve internal communication patterns
  • Sponsor Budget workshops for administrations, especially budget development workshops.

Meets once each month with days and times to be determined by members.

Documents, Forms, and Meeting Minutes

Committee Documentation [Requires Login]

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