College Partnership/Advancement Committee

Considers and recommends collaborative relationships that would enable the College to more effectively meet its mission and goals. A subset of this committee serves as an advisory body for initiatives related to K-12 partnerships. 


  • Steve Amidon
  • Lindsay Golden
  • Scott Govitz
  • Meghan Keen
  • Amy Lince
  • Scott Mertes (Chair)
  • Jeremy Mertz
  • Matt Miller
  • Jeff Percha
  • Rick Smith
  • Bruce Yuille
Focus 2016-17:
  • Identify partnership gaps
  • Coordinate efforts of the Off Campus Subcommittee
  • Rubric for Partnerships
  • Additional College Involvement
  • Facilitate partnerships
  • Summer education for K-12
  • Work with academic committees on ideas for delivering a recognized set of MTA courses to high schools- develop a clearer vision for what we can offer and support

Meets monthly. More frequent interactions for faculty liaisons

Documents, Forms, and Meeting Minutes

Committee Documentation [Requires Login]

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