Planning Calendar

The goal of this calendar is to create a space for everyone on campus to be able to locate important dates in one central location thus creating stronger connections on campus. The Planning Calendar does not replace any current calendars, including Scheduler. It is addition to the current calendars, and provides basic information.

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Here are some examples of the events that are on the calendar:

  • Academic Calendar Dates
  • Due Dates - Payroll Updates to HR, Timesheets, Mid Month Items, Board Of Trustee Meeting Agenda Items, etc.
  • Call for Items (Date the request is send out for items) - Mid Month Items, Board of Trustee Meeting Agenda Items, etc.
  • College Wide Events - A Northern Tradition, Annual Fall Festival and BBQ, Commencement, Holiday Parties, Moodle Moot, Honors Convocation, Length of Service Awards, The Great Race, Book Buy Back, Athletic Events, etc.
  • Committee Meetings - Board of Trustee, Foundation Board, Investment Committee, College Council, Academic Council, Assessment Committee, Council of Chairs and Deans, Curriculum and Academic Standards Committee, General Education Committee, Co-Curricular Advisory Council, College Advancement Advisory Committee, College Partnership Committee, Tech Center Advisory Committee, Mid Matters, Director’s Council, Human Resources Advisory Committee, Student Employment Advisory Committee, Technology Services Advisory Committee, Institutional Research Committee, Campus Safety and Security Committee, Facilities Committee, Enrollment Management Committee, and other committees as deemed appropriate.
  • Important Dates for Departments (items that must be completed by a certain time)- Business Office (reports to State), Human Resources (pay confirmations), Research/Reports Calendar (Institutional Research), etc.
  • Major Michigan Community College Association Events
  • Election Days
  • Clare Gladwin RESD Shared Calendar Dates
  • Pay Days
  • Timelines for each department
  • Annual Notifications - Substance Abuse Notifications
  • Annual Reviews and Update Reminders - Policy Updates, Directory Updates, etc.
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