Study Abroad at Mid!

Expand your learning! Explore your world!

Mid offers Study Abroad educational experiences to enrich and expand your learning opportunities. Students have enjoyed traveling the world with Mid for nearly 10 years. From Nicaragua to the Dominican Republic and even Europe, Mid puts the world at your fingertips. So, go ahead... Pack your bags... See the world!

Biology of the Florida Keys 2024

Reserve your spot for this unique trip today!

Online Coursework | July 31 - August 6 Trip

Sea Turtle Hospital Tour, Snorkeling, & More Included!

Top 10 Reasons to Study Abroad!

  1. See The World
  2. Gain A New Perspective
  3. Take In A New Culture
  4. Hone Your Language Skills
  5. Career Opportunities
  6. Find New Interests
  7. Make Lifelong Friends
  8. Personal Development
  9. Educational Opportunities
  10. Unique Life Experiences

Study Abroad Travel Tips

  1. Plan
  2. Be Spontaneous
  3. Phone, Skype, Facetime?
  4. Journal or Blog
  5. Walking Shoes, Walking Shoes, Walking Shoes
  6. Learn The Language
  7. Stay Safe
  8. Explore
  9. Talk To A Local (Or Two)
  10. One Selfie Stick Should Do It (Don't Go Overboard)
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