Skilled Trades

Are you someone who isn’t interested in a typical office job? Do you like working with your hands and being able to see your effort pay off?

Mid’s Skilled Trades Pathways provide you the opportunity to develop specialized technical skills and strengthen your problem solving abilities in our state-of-the-art labs and through partnerships with local employers. These Pathways prepare you for meaningful jobs in careers like welding, CADD, HRA, and manufacturing—with certificate programs in just a few weeks to associate degrees in only two years!

Skilled Trades Programs & Pathways

Skilled Trades Short-Term Training

NC3 develops, implements and sustains industry-recognized portable certifications built on national skills standards.

Industry-Recognized Certifications

Mid is affiliated with NC3, a nationwide network of education providers and corporations that develops, implements, and sustains industry-recognized certifications built on national skills standards. Discover how these certifications help Mid students succeed.

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