Michigan Transfer Agreement

You're unsure about what specific career you would like to pursue. You can build a solid foundation for your future and explore a variety of subjects and careers before committing to your associate degree pathway with the MTA. Plus, MTA credits transfer easily if you choose to pursue an advanced degree.

100% Online!

Mid's MTA Pathway can be completed 100% online! Mid offers a wide range of courses across several delivery methods. From on-campus to online and options that let you choose how to attend each course session, you can attend in ways that match your learning style and your busy schedule.

Mid Credits Transfer

Mid credits go with you because we participate in many transfer agreements that ensure our courses count at colleges and universities across the State and Country. Our team can help you select the courses that best fit your goals--saving you time and money. No matter where your path leads, Mid can be a part of your journey.

About the MTA

The Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) is an agreement between all community colleges in Michigan, its 15 public universities, and a number of other institutions. The MTA is a 30-credit block of transferrable credits that count primarily toward general education requirements. MTA credits are included in most of Mid's transfer degrees as well. Upon successfully completing MTA requirements, your Mid Michigan College transcript will feature an MTA Endorsement.

Click Here to see a list of Mid's MTA Courses.

How does the MTA work?

You're worried Mid credits won't transfer. We get it, this is a big concern. The good news? You don't need to worry! By starting with your end goal in mind, we customize a transfer pathway that works for you and your intended destination college or university.

Michigan Transfer Network

The Michigan Transfer Network website allows you to view transfer course equivalencies between many Michigan colleges and universities. If you would like to go back to school, transfer to another college or university in Michigan, or simply see how courses at Mid would transfer to another school, this site is for you!

General Education

What is General Education?

“Why do I have to take courses that don’t apply to my major?” is a question you might ask.

Where major requirements are intended to provide you with a depth of knowledge in a specified field of study, general education requirements are intended to provide a breadth of knowledge. General education is crucial to developing soft skills like communication, writing, critical thinking, problem solving, and a global understanding of the world.

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